Thursday, August 6, 2009

And on and on...

Styling high, the girls moved through the open market, Queens in their own realm, barely deigning to notice the crowds of cloned Donnas wandering aimlessly searching as always for the Knights who would carry them away. The girls were quite possibly the only self aware creatures in the 500 block encapsulated city. They ruled, but were only slightly aware of ruling... nothing.

suzeeeee: about 3 days and 6 hours ago

I first arrived at the immense abandoned station floating above the earth naked and alone. I was sick with fever and the effects of zero gravity had taken their toll on my bones. Barely able to inflate my lungs I fell over the threshold escaping from the ship which had been my home for more than a year. The ancient environment enclosed me and cared for my sorrows. I slept.

magiced: about 3 days and 15 hours ago

This is the moment, the one that I've been waiting for. All this time I had the idea that something was about to happen. Now this is it. This, is what it was all along. This - now. So I've arrived in the moment that has always been, and what are my choices? It has been said - both before and after enlightenment - chopping wood and carrying water. Today then I chop and carry.

wmshaxpere: about 9 days and 6 hours ago

Underwater screaming was the name of the game. Shelia was the best and could make you hear her even when you were standing on the side of the pool. Isn't it amazing that such a stupid talent could come in so handy all these years later? I wish she'd just shut the hell up. Frankly, the noise is bothersome. I really believe she needs a new hobby. Really I do.

digidude: about 10 days ago

How Many Followers lost? Not all that many really. I'm cool. Right? Even a micro-garden needs some "t-weeding" now and then I reason. Such were my zen thoughts when I realized that closing in on the exalted plateau of the next higher number had been dashed to the digital pavement below by the Twit Overlords! However, now I am left with no recourse but to breathe into a bag.

wmshaxpere: about 13 days and 3 hours ago

$1.00 for 3
The room was virtual and it was empty save for one avatar, so one might well say the room was virtually empty, and yet, it was not. A few secretive creatures lurked in the corners watching the activity, taking a note or two. Those who lurked wanted to speak, to let their presence be known, but they were afraid that they were being watched. They literally feared fear itself.

wmshaxpere: about 14 days and 7 hours ago

She grooved into the building thinking, "how long has it been since I went dancing?" The song on her ipod was irresistible. She held back in the elevator, but when she found the bathroom empty, she let loose like she was in a 1980's disco. Work, stress, worries - all gone. As the song ended, she opened her eyes to reality. She walked out to her cubicle and the day began.

ginafire: about 14 days and 21 hours ago

In the small enclosure an old man struggled. His kidnappers, believing him to be helpless sat drinking shots and telling stories of the women they'd slept with. They ignored him. He silently slid the bone handled knife from his belt and cut his bonds. They never had a chance. Skewering the last one he whispered harshly, "You should'a learned respect when you had the chance."

wmshaxpere: about 15 days ago

Mom smashing the car through the wall was more than enough motivation for James to get off the couch. The living room had turned into a disaster scene in a matter of seconds, and he had no choice but to cinch his belt and pull a shirt over his head. Regis and Kelly hadn't called today anyhow, and Mom seemed to be delivering a message for him to stop lying around the house.

aldous: about 15 days and 6 hours ago

Jon wondered at the "Ads by Google" to the left of the screen why they would choose to advertise Cryogenic Vials in that space. There was virtually nothing in the content of the page that related in any way. He resisted clicking on the link for quite some time until the power of advertising took over his click instinct. Tentatively he hit it only to watch as everything froze

wmshaxpere: about 16 days and 3 hours ago

She felt special and pretty in her new dress. In the privacy of her room she twirled, feeling the luxury of fine cloth sweeping across her legs. Dan would be arriving soon. Thinking of him made her shiver just a little. There was something so dark in his demeanor. The bell rang and Dana ran down the stairs to where he stood in the rain his fangs glistening. Dana screamed.

bettynot: about 16 days and 4 hours ago

Bud and Carla held hands and strolled on the darkened pier. Waves shuddered through the pilings below. The scent of flowers came born by the wind off the water. An odd light could be seen flashing brightly in the distance and quickly resolved into a huge airborne ship. Their mouths dropped open in a mutual scream as a wide beam washed across them. They no longer held hands.

wmshaxpere: about 16 days and 22 hours ago

A small thing really. The death of the rosebush couldn't have made much of an impact in the great scheme of things. Right? But still, the deep red flowers no longer fed the butterflies, and the robins no longer stole drying leaves for their nests. The young woman didn't cut her thumb on a thorn one sunny day, and so she never met the doctor who would've been her truest love.

magiced: about 17 days ago

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